I have moved!

Well I haven’t moved (yet) but my blog has!   I am still using WordPress but I have a different web host, so if you want to stay up to date with classically b then feel free to re-subscribe, throw this link in your google reader, or just check back daily for new  posts!  And just so you know, the domain name is the same,  http://www.classicallyb.com 🙂



India Inspiration

When I was in India one of the most impressive details I noticed was how everywhere I turned there were so many different types of patterns being used.  The Indian culture is so vibrant and fascinating so I guess it shouldn’t have been such as surprise to see unique and beautiful design all over the place, but it was.  It didn’t matter where we were because there was something to be inspired by around every corner.

Red Fort – New Delhi

India’s Gate – Mumbai

Streets of Mumbai

Red Fort

Humyan’s Temple – New Delhi

Humyan’s Temple

Very inspiring and you can bet I brought home lots of ideas for my new business venture!

Thrifty Thursday

The other day as my mom and I were running errands we stumbled upon two Goodwills, both of which we stopped at to satisfy my thrifting addiction.    I hadn’t been to either before and the thought of passing up a new thrift store without seeing the potential treasures inside was too hard for me to resist.  The first one wasn’t all that impressive but the second one made up for that.  This sofa needed some love, but it was only $150 and it doesn’t look like it would be the hardest piece to reupholster (I’m sure I would eat my words if I tackled that project though)

Then I found this table and I got really excited

I have always loved sewing machines that come in these little tables because they just seem oh so practical.  I was tempted to buy it and either see if the sewing machine was usable or ask my dad to help me attach my Brother which is a similar size.  For $49 it was a steal but I don’t really have space or need it at this point.  I guess it’s best I found it at a Goodwill an hour away because if it had been at my local store I would be tempted to go back and buy it!

The Desk: Part 3 (and finale)

It’s time for the highly anticipated desk reveal!  Ok, so it’s not that big of a deal, but the end result was way better than what I started out with so I am happy to share it here.  Let’s quickly recap what I started out with; this $35 desk from the Goodwill.


And here is what I ended up with:

I must say that the skirt makes the desk feel more mature and classy which is the look I was going for.  I made the skirt from 3 separate pieces of fabric and I used nail-heads to secure it to the desk.  The pink lamp with shade was another Goodwill find ($8) as was the milk glass piece I am using to hold pens and pencils (I think it was $3).  The little gold porcelain basket I found in a box in the closet and the flowers are in a crystal vase I borrowed from my mom (although I find less expensive versions of these all the time at thrift stores).

As for the rest of the room, everything was already there including the paint color, large painting done by my father, and the little shelving piece I have had in my room since I was a kid.  I am pretty lucky that the desk and my accessories matched what was already in the room.   So what do you think?

The Desk: Part 2

When I set out to find a desk at a thrift store I new that whatever I found would most likely need a little TLC.   I was fine with that, I just didn’t want a huge project so I was happy to find bad boy for $35.

Not the prettiest looking desk I have ever seen, but I had visions of how this guy could be transformed so I loaded it in the car and brought it home.

The first step to fixing it up was sanding it several times and then I skipped the priming and just started laying on the white paint.

I didn’t use anything fancy when it came to the paint, just whatever white I could find in my dad’s shop which turned out to be an exterior paint a nice glossy finish.  I sanded in between coats and it got 4 in the end.

Once it was all dry I hauled it into the ‘office’ and started working on what was going take this desk to the next level…

what was that special touch that was going to transform this desk you may ask…Here is a hint…

Yup, this desk got a new wardrobe in the form of a skirt.  I could have painted the whole thing and called it a day, but that just seemed boring and not very creative.  So I bought some inexpensive navy blue fabric from Walmart and some nail-heads to jazz it up.  This was a no sew project thanks to the wonders of an iron and liquid stitch which made the process speed by and I am quite happy with the results.  Make sure to stop by tomorrow for the big reveal and let me know what you think!

The Desk: Part 1

Creative title, right?  Well last week I just about had it trying to work  at this tiny bistro table in my ‘office’ (aka my old bedroom turned gym turned extra guestroom without a bed). It was too small and the lack of space just wasn’t cutting it.  I like to be able to sprawl out when I work  and have a clean and pretty place to do so which meant this option was not going to last long.

Overcrowded and not very attractive = unproductive work space.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new desk, but considering I am going to be putting in long hours getting my new business started (more on that later) I wanted something I would enjoy sitting at all day long.  At first I contemplated the IKEA Melltorp dining table that I had in my last apartment and loved, however it has no storage so that meant buying drawers of some sort for all my stuff.

Then I thought that in true Brittany fashion I should scope out my local thrift stores for a desk I could re-design and make into something beautiful.

It only took a few trips to the thrift stores to find what I was looking for.  Check back tomorrow to see what I found!


Friday Polka Dots

When I saw this image on Pintrest from Italian Vouge it reminded me how much I like polka dots. I’m not about to go design a room with them all over the walls, but in small doses they can be really fun.  And how about a cute polka dot outfit perfect for fun weekend!

1.  Kendra Scott Earrings  2.  K Slademade Clutch   3.  AG Polka Dot Pants

4.  Topshop Tunic   5.  J Crew Audra Sandal

Have a great weekend!

New Thrift Stores…And Some Great Finds

I haven’t been thrifting recently with the move and trip to India, so yesterday I decided to scope out two Goodwills in the area.  The Goodwills in LA are usually the more pricey thrift stores and I never had much luck with them so I was happily surprised with what I found yesterday.

I will start with the best and that was this Chesterfield sofa.  It was definitely a little worn, mostly on the seat, but it was really comfortable and was this great maroon-ish brown leather.  For $150 I wish I had a place to put it and if by some stroke of luck it is still there next week and gets marked down 50% then it’s mine (but I’m sure someone will snag it before then).

I also came across this federal mirror, and while it’s not brass or anything fancy (just heavy plastic) I would say at $25 it was a descent deal.

For some reason I really like magazine racks and even though it needs a facelift it was still cute (not sure the price, probably less than $10)

And last but not least, this funky gold console table of sorts for only $35.  This was the only piece I *almost* bought since the price was right and I knew it would be functional in my office (aka a spare bedroom in my parents (house for now)).  But I passed and since I don’t think it is a big ticket item for people around here I will check back next week to see if the price has been reduced.

I am quite excited about all the new thrift stores around here and think it would be fun to devote one day a week to making the rounds and visiting several in the area….Thoughts?

Shopping in India

I didn’t do as much shopping in India as I had expected because we were so busy and it was a little overwhelming to shop over there.  Not only was there a language barrier but there was so much to buy at the bazaars that it was like being on sensory overload.  Every corner I turned there was something more spectacular than the last so it was hard to make decisions.

I did get these cute  hand carved henna blocks in Mumbai for a few dollars.  I like the patterns and they are a little reminder of the city and culture.

In Jalandhar we went to the Ranic Bazaar which was my favorite shopping excursion of the trip. So many beautiful colors, fun fabric designs and a lots to look at.

I could have spent many days and lots of dollars shopping there.  Especially since the cost to get custom clothing made is super inexpensive. I did get a dress custom made and here is a sneak peak…

Can’t wait for a special occasion to wear it!

Spring Fing

There is something so pretty and ethereal about lace that I just love.  It is everywhere in fashion these days and I wonder if it is only a matter of time before someone figures out how to make lace drapery that doesn’t look too old fashioned.  I haven’t found any I like yet, but I have found lots of lace dresses and shorts that are perfect for spring.

1. J Crew Naomi Top  2. ASOS Double Cuffs  3. Topshop High Waist Shorts  4.  Guess Kambria Wedges